Tree Pruning

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Tree Pruning

Pruning Trees For Health and Safety

Pruning an overcrowded tree crown can encourage new growth. Furthermore, overcrowded foliage can also limit air circulation which can lead to fungal infections on leaves and fruits.

Removing dead branches prevents them from unexpectedly falling and hurting people or causing damage to property. Dead branches could also be a point of infestation which can then spread to the rest of the tree.

It is also prudent to have an expert evaluate whether over extended branches would break in wind and weather events like ice storms.

Our arborists have extensive experience in evaluating trees. They can evaluate your trees and recommend pruning if necessary.



  • Maintenance of tree structure and health using crown thinning, crown cleaning, crown elevation, and/or crown reduction

  • Maintaining proper structure and form

  • Improves light penetration to turf areas below.

  • Improved safety by removing dead limbs.

Arborists Know Best

Pruning Methods That Promote Tree Health

Why Should You Prune a Tree?
Improving balanced growth, preventing disease, lightening load of a heavy branch, preparing for an upcoming storm could all be reasons to prune a tree. Our Arborists can help.

When Should You Prune?
The best time to prune can vary from tree to tree. Early spring and late fall are preferred times for most trees. Ask our Arborists to be sure.

What Will Happen to The Branches Removed While Pruning?
Our team is meticulous about the work. We make sure to leave the property as clean as we find it when we arrive.

What if the tree is near small plants in the garden?
We can work around existing plants and landscaping ensuring that they are not harmed.

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Ongoing Support & Care

We will follow up on the work and provide ongoing care for your trees, if needed.

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No one likes the process of pruning and the pain of loss, but fruit only grows on new wood.