Stump Removal

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Stump Removal

Removing Stumps

Once a tree is cut down, there is more work to be done before you can sit back and enjoy the view. There is still the stump to deal with.

Removing a tree stump can be difficult. The larger the tree, the larger its root system and stump. Digging it out manually is just too much work. It will take specialized grinders or chippers to get the job done.

We have the expertise and the equipment. Let us take care of it for you.



  • Turf maintenance (mowing, cutting, etc.) becomes easier with the absence.

  • Safety of the property is improved by the removal of tripping hazards

  • The aesthetics of the property is improved and neighboring plants increase the viability

  • Grinding of stumps and removal of chips from site

  • Restoration of turf and/or replanting of trees

Consult An Expert

Consider The Following Before Removing a Tree

Do You Really Want To Remove The Tree?
If you're removing it because you think you don't have any other options, please ask us. We may be able to find you a way to save the tree.

How to remove a tree Safely.
With right expertise and equipment, even very large trees can be removed without damage to your buildings, landscaping and more importantly, without harming people.

Do You Have The Proper Permits?
It may be illegal to remove trees without a permit. We can help you obtain the necessary permits to remove trees legally.

What will you do with the timber once it's down?
We can help you dispose of it.

What About The Stump?
We can grind the stump, fill in the hole and put new sod over it. This will restore the property as if the tree was never ever there.

Our Process

Here Is How We Help You


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When you call, we will discuss your project with you and then schedule a visit.


We Visit Your Property

Once we see the site, we can advise you of the right options and give you an estimate


We Complete The Work

On a pre-scheduled date our crew will arrive and complete the work as agreed.


Ongoing Support & Care

We will follow up on the work and provide ongoing care for your trees, if needed.

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